I would agree with you as far as the current media. There's a duty to cover this guy.

However, in 2015 they had the chance to disarm him with ridicule and scorn. instead they covered him as though ideas like build the wall were legitimate policy ideas instead of shit the grifter came up with ad hoc.

For reasons that will always elude me, publications that throw ink at that singularly stupid bore make make money from the endeavour . With the exception of the early birther fallout period, this has consistently been the case for the past 40 years.

None of the press could resist the temptation of talking about Trump, whether positively or negatively. Covering him helped the NYT and Wapo as well as launching the public career of Heather Cox Richardson (among others).

I'm grateful for this, but I wish the MSM had not given this asshole several billion dollars of publicity when they had the chance to laugh him off the stage.

Nobody is laughing now.

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