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Winning the Battle, But Losing The War

In Praise of Donald Trump

The 8,529,148 Truth and Consequences Post About Joe Manchin

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We're Running Out of Time

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American Democracy is in Dire Straits

We're All Exhausted

The Game is Rigged

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Bad America

The Holocaust Is Not A Metaphor

Our Former President is Deranged

Why I'm Thankful

It's Always About The Gun

Today's Truth and Consequences Zoom Chat with Helaine Olen

The Worst Of Times

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Sometimes the Economy Is Not The Economy

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Consistency is Not Always a Hobgoblin

Why We're Polarized

It Finally Happened!

Today's Zoom Cast with Elliott Morris

Who's More Loyal: Democrats or Republicans?

What Happened in NJ and Virginia?

Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

The Selfishness of Joe Manchin

This Week In ... Republicans Acting Badly

Russia Redux?

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Good Times, Bad Times

Politicians, Generally Speaking, Are Not Idiots

Follow the Leader

The Democrats' Impossible Choice

What Should Democrats Do?

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"Who's With Me"

Tell Me What You Value

There Is A Light At The End Of The Tunnel

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The Era of Stupid - Manchema Version

Free At Last

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Inside the Conservative Fever Swamp

We Have Nothing To Fear ...

In Defense of Mark Milley

"I Don't Recall"

How Do You Solve a Problem Like Joe Manchin?

What A Waste

Down In The Gutter

The Supreme Court's Assault on The Rule Of Law

The War On Terror is Over

The Most/Least Predictable of Times

No Zoom Cast Today ...

The Forgotten Heroes and the Forgotten War

America's Reach Cannot Exceed Its Grasp

A Frigid Cold Take on Afghanistan

Explaining the Unexplainable

The Tangled Web We Weave

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The Era of Triangulation is Over

"You Say You Want A Revolution ..."

What's The Matter With (Ar)Kansas?

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This Week in Politics

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Today's Truth and Consequences Zoom Cast with Business Insider's Anthony Fisher - 12:30 PM

It's Not Too Late

Freedom Is Not Free ...

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Give It a Rest Mark Milley

Blood on Their Hands

The Truth and Consequences Podcast with Elliott Morris

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This Week In Unpopular Opinions

The Tragedy of Polarization

Can the GOP Win With Trump?

How Biden Won ... White Men

Voters Don't Vote On Issues

Let's Make A Deal!

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Black Voters Matter

It's All Going to Be OK

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Moscow Meh

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Is There A Way Out?

Be Afraid America, Be Very Afraid

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Don't Believe The Hype

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Twelve Dimensional Chess

A Question for Joe Manchin

This Way to the Egress

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Marjorie Taylor Greene is Not Going Away

Polarization is Destroying America

The Truth and Consequences Podcast with Jesse Singal

Keeping the Boss Happy

Hamas's Strategy of Nihilism

Do You Believe In Miracles?

Good Times/Bad Times

A Party of Cowards

The Truth and Consequences Podcast with Eric Rauchway on "Why The New Deal Matters"

Joe Biden Is Stealthily Transforming America

The GOP Is Now The Party Of The Big Lie

Kristi Noem is the Future of the Republican Party ...

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Democrats and Republicans are Talking Past Each Other

The Story Behind the GOP's Latest Beef

In 100 Days Joe Biden has Transformed America ...

The Truth and Consequences Political Zoomcast with Jeremy Rosner

Today's Zoom Chat With Jeremy Rosner

Do I Offend?

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The GOP's "Somebody Get a Sponge" Caucus

I'm Done Wearing A Mask Outside

Tell The Truth

Sunlight Is The Best Disinfectant

"Fox turned into a white supremacist channel so gradually I didn't even notice."

Heterogeneity --> Homogeneity

It Doesn't Take a Weatherman ...

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This Version of the GOP is Here to Stay

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What Happened in Israel's Election?

Sometimes Bigger Is Not Better

The Time For Action Is Now

The Better Angels of Our Nature

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It's Still About the Guns

Maybe They're Not So Dumb After All

It's About The Guns

Why is Cornel West Getting a Pass for Anti-Semitism?

Truth Makes A Comeback

There's a Light at the End of the Tunnel

The Complicated Politics of COVID-Vaccination

Is There a Silver Lining to Polarization?

Will Bibi Netanyahu Survive Another Election?

Is Joe Manchin a Political Genius?

A Big F***ing Deal

Good News Friday

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Feelings Over Facts

Crime and Punishment

Partisanship Is a Helluva Drug

Is the GOP an Authoritarian Party?

The Truth and Consequences Podcast with Rosa Brooks on How To Improve American Policing

America Inured

Friday Round-Up

Save Our Souls

Failure Is Not An Option

The Politics of COVID-19

Happy President's Day

Is This End For Donald Trump?

The Week In Review

They Just Don't Care

The Public Wants Biden to Go Big

Feelings, Nothing More Than Feelings

The Week In Review

Heads You Lose ... And Tails You Lose

Vote Early and Vote Often

Go For The Gold

The Week in Review

(Don't) Love Thy Neighbor

The Truth and Consequences Podcast: Getting To Know Senator Joe Manchin with West Virginia Political Talk Show Host Hoppy Kercheval

"If I Only Had The Nerve"

Schumer Wins Round One

The System Worked ... ish

The Week In Review

The Truth and Consequences Podcast with Alec MacGillis

Scrapping The Filibuster Would Be A Slam Dunk Political Win For Democrats

Sound Foreign Policy Begins at Home

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Conviction

We're Almost There

Thanks for the Memories

The Truth and Consequences Podcast with Fred Logevall as we discuss his new biography of John F. Kennedy, "JFK: Coming of Age in the American Century, 1917-1956

The Cowardly Ben Sasse

What a Year This Week Has Been

The Rocky Road Ahead

Open Your Mind

Up A Creek Without A Paddle

Things Could Easily Get Worse

The Politics of Division

Democrats Need to Flex

Georgia On My Mind

What Georgia Did

Are Democrats in Disarray?

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